On the 7th of July this year, something surprising happened: Psyonix gave birth to (in my opinion) one of the best games this year, Rocket League. As the replacement for the games ancestor “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars” (S.A.R.P.B.C.), Rocket League got a kick-start release on Steam and PlayStation. Within one month the game got downloaded for about four million times, so nobody wonders about the very fast growing Esports-scene around this game.

The game itself is pretty simple: two teams of a similar amount of cars are playing “football”. That is just about everything. Except that you can drift and boost with your car, whereby you can do some pretty cool and useful tricks, that can really make the game for you. You can also choose from 10 cars and give them your individual fingerprint with many colors and accessories.

The SHIFTplay line-up is competing right now. The international squad regularly plays in the weekly ESL Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup, in the gfinity league and in the International Rocket Car League (IRCL). They also got invited to the official RocketRoyale Tournament recently. The german national line-up of SHIFTplay is quite younger than the international team and regularly plays the ESL Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup.

Those are the actual line-ups of both SHIFTplay teams:



Victor „Vrapt0r“ Larsen (Denmark) [Coach]

Koen „Neok“ Schilderman  (Netherlands)

Stefan „Gonthorian“ Jaspers  (Netherlands) [Captain]

Sebastian „Rev-Up“ Van der Veen  (Netherlands)



“We are looking on our roster issues since we have not been performing that well and people we have had as substitute in the last minutes [before the ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup], what was a bad idea. […] So, what is happening right now: we are looking to change the roster and we will see if the roster fits in right now, from there on we will work with what works best and see that we bring the expectations back. Because we have so far had the expectations to be one of the top teams and failed two weeks in a row, which is not good. But hopefully the results will turn up for this weekends tournaments and we will add some pluses to the accounts, soon enough.”

Statement of Vrapt0r

We will keep our fingers crossed for all of your upcoming tournaments and challenges you will play!

  • MisterSchnuffel (Leon Meuche)

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