Till the 10th and 13th of December this year, the german roster will take part in the CS:GO tournament during the 20th anniversary NetGame Convention. The NetGame is a big LAN-Party organization in Switzerland, which already hosted about 40 events since 1995, where up to 800 players can join.

The german line-up of the SHIFTplay Eagles CS:GO participants consists of:






“Together we thought about going to the NetGame, because we wanted to play on a LAN and did a quite good job at the Federation B in Frankfurt this year. Now we want to compete for rank one on the NetGame, so also we can get on the international line with our team. […] We are looking forward to get more successful on international level, because the german CS:GO scene is not at its best at the moment, so we hope that we can win some tournaments with SHIFTplay.”

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